Saturday, October 23, 2004


The Road to Tyranny

I guess anyone with one eye and half sense can see that this Country is on a very fast pace toward Tyranny and Dictatorship.
It could be stopped if only The People will get off their butts and away from their television and do something about it.Yes,away from their TV where the Jewish media is brainwashing all that sit and listen to their garbage.
We have a very good candidate for The White House if We could only manage to get him elected.
Doing that would be a step in the right direction in putting a block on the road to Tyranny and Dictatorship.
One can only imagine how much better this Country would be especially when We returned to Sovereign states as We need to.
But like I said,The People need to get off their butts and stand up for what they believe in and dont let up.
There are many Groups already doing this but they need more members to make bigger differences and my hat is off to them especially when a battle is won.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Confederate States of America back in Power

The very thought of The CSA returning to power and removing all Yankee occupation so We Southrons can return to Sovereign States again gives me chill-bumps and a warm feeling in my heart at the same time.I devote my life to The Cause,God Bless Dixie

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